About Us

About Us

Tempted clothing is a brand that comes with commitment and passion. Every product  created is something that we would feel comfortable to wear. Because we have such a passion for fitness we are constantly developing new designs to meet the need of this growing industry.

The founder Wanda van den Berg started Tempted not only for her love of beautiful fitness clothing and Push Up Jeans but also because of factors that she noticed in this growing industry.
Wanda has been in the fitness industry for 10 years and this is where her passion grew from.

Everybody wants quality !

But in order to find exceptional quality, you would also find an "exceptional" price tag.
That is were tempted fitness and Jean range started. Exceptional quality, yet affordable. Along the way, many designers were contacted and approached until the perfect designing team was found for our brand.

Tempted mission going forward is to provide a beautiful fitness range with high quality and amazing designs, where every woman can feel like the queen that she is when working out or wearing that perfect booty shaping jean on a night out. Wanda interacts with each client personally to discuss orders, Because at Tempted you are more than just an order you are a Tempted Queen.

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